Monday, May 25, 2009

The Official Transition From Xanga To Blogger And a "New" Dress From Liebemarlene Vintage!

I've been a for several years now, but have come to the sorrowful conclusion that it is an official wasteland over there. It seems as though every Xanga account hasn't been updated since 2006, which seems very odd to me, honestly. It's as if I missed the Xanga apocalypse or something of the sort. I digress, however; I am now taking the plunge into Blogger, in hopes to not feel as lonely while ranting about my obsession with everything pretty, frilly, and vintage. And because an option to state what music/book/movie/video game you're listening to/watching/reading/playing doesn't always equal a quality place to blog!

I do believe I will rather enjoy myself here, but that really depends on whether I will be able to figure out how to rid of the large, empty space that inhabits the side of my blog (Which I'm pretty sure I just fixed..)

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of winning an eBay auction from Liebemarlene Vintage. I've made numerous attempts before, but have walked away from the computer without so much as a dent in my paypal account. Som
etimes I don't think I'm aggressive enough for eBay. Everything changed the moment I saw this dress of ethereal magnificence, though! I felt as if I would stop at nothing (within reason) to walk away triumphant, albeit a bit more on the poor side. It's airy and yellow, and for some reason, I find myself attracted to pale yellow this summer. Which, if you knew me, you would be making the same perplexed facial expression I did at that very moment I realized such a thing! Even though it's long sleeved- which I actually prefer, due to the hatred I harbor for my arms- it's my perfect summer dress so far, and because of said airiness, I often forget about said long sleeves!

1960's Yellow Dress: Liebemarlene Vintage
Cloche Hat: Forever 21, on Über sale.
Pink Cameo Necklace: Local Antique Store.
Brown Oxford Heels: Thrifted.
Purse: Not-so-local Antique Store.

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!