Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tea and Toast.

Oh, internet, how I miss you. I await the moment when finals are over, and I can enjoy you to the fullest extent during Christmas break. I also wish to extend my apologies to all of the thrift shops I've been missing out on, the abandoned buildings I've discovered, but haven't had the time to explore, and my lonesome camera who has been crying tears of dust on my bedroom desk.

Lately, my time has been consumed by studies and work. When I am able to grasp a few free moments, I use them to sip tea by the Christmas tree, squeeze in a festive Doris Day film, and of course, covet absolutely everything in my newly acquired Toast catalog.


Kelley Anne said...

Mmmm...I love Toast! I ordered their print catalog just so that I could flip through the pages. What wonderful inspiration! If only I could afford the clothes:)

TheBusyBabyMama said...

Hello! I can across your blog by googling "thornwald mansion" and getting your flicker.

I wanted to tell you how beautiful your pictures are! Not just thornwald, but everything.

I have been really interested in Thornwald ever since I moved to Carlisle November of 06'. I photographed the outside last year but I haven't had the pleasure of going inside or past the fence.

I contacted the borough in hopes of maybe being able to get closer to photograph it. I assumed they owned it, but they gave me the address of the woman who actually does.

I am hoping she will let me, but from what I've been reading my chances are probably slim.

I saw the pictures of the mansion that the dickison college students posted in 2007 before the 2nd fire.

It's just an amazing place, and I wish I could of seen it in it's glory.

When you went, was it early in the day? Your pictures were in the daylight unlike most of the urban photographers who've had a chance to get inside.

I've not yet written the owner, I am nervous about how to present my want to photograph her home. Although, I guess technically she, from what I read wouldn't have many emotional ties to it as she's never lived in it, nor has her family.

Never the less, she'll probably assume I'd want to take the pictures for some sort of profit later on, and that's not even the case.

I've thought about doing what everyone else has done and simply "brake in"... but my fear is getting caught, and unlike everyone I've read about, I have children. It would be a silly thing to go to jail for.. Sadly.

But anyway, besides wanting to tell you l loved you pictures, I was wondering if you knew any history on the Mansion? Or as to who used to live there, maybe a link to a story about the family?

It's such a beautiful house, and so sad no one "loves" it enough to bring it back to life.

I enjoyed reading through your blog, and hope my comment doesn't come off stalker-ish.


KatieDahl said...

Ooh! I love the third picture! It looks so romantic, and the girls dress is just lovely! Her boyfriend's outfit is very stylish as well! :D

I also like the outfit in the sixth picture. I have a skirt like that. I just may have to put one of my blazer's with it - even though I don't have a gray one.

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures!

Stéphanie said...

Fabulous pictures !

Molly said...

I love this...victorian, yet rings of new england garden ensembles.

Melina said...

Oooh that's my blog name haha! I LOVE Toast! I wish I lived in the UK so I wouldn't have to pay so much for shipping.