Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Under The Weather Inspiration

I've been wanting to return to the blogosphere for days now, but I can't seem to release this nasty little bug that, for some reason, has decided to befriend me! I'm having a bit of trouble bringing myself to do much of anything, aside from whine almost constantly and cater to my incredibly crimson nose. The most glorious thrifting day was had a bit ago, and I'm just itching to rid of this sickness so that I can photograph and update my Etsy shop!

However, I suppose I shouldn't let a silly thing like the flu get in the way of at least doing an inspiration post!

I've been a member of Netflix for over a year now, but haven't bothered with searching for instant films until a few days ago. I was stunned to see so many wonderful classic films that were sitting right in front of me just waiting to be watched! I decided on "For Me and My Gal" because it seemed lighthearted enough and was directed by Bubsy Burkeley, so I figured it couldn't be even the slightest bit terrible. One of the only drawbacks I had was that Judy Garland is the main character, and ever since being a bit creeped out by The Wizard Of Oz as a kid, I was sort of so-so on the idea of pressing forward with said film.

I'm pleased to say, however, that afterward, I was in Judy Garland heaven! Not only is she downright stunning, but she makes the most charmingly exaggerated facial expressions that cause my heart do a complete dance each and every time! The fact that I doubted her for so many years is just disgraceful.


Ms. B said...

Oh no! I hope you get to feeling better soon! For Me and My Gal is one of my all time favorites!

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better! what an awesome outfit she's wearing

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

You poor baby! I just got over the flu and it literally stops you in your tracks. The mind is racing but the body stops! Just rest for now dear. Love these pics of Judy garland!

Crystal Ball said...

Aw I hope you kick that bug in the butt and feel better soon!
I must say that I share your love for Netflix. I spent the majority of my summer watching dozens instant movies. I haven't seen Me and My Gal but it seems promising so I shall watch it when I get the chance.
Feel better <3